Bramstein School of Applied Studies

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Bramstein School of Applied Studies
has moved to a new location at:

45 Oak Street
Patchogue, New York 11772
Tel: (631) 450-4949
Fax: (631) 450-4770

About Bramstein School

Our Mission at Bramstein School of Applied Studies:

  • Ensure access to any who aspire technical/vocational skills
  • Maintain instruction of the highest quality.
  • Provides opportunities with quality certificates and diplomas’ programs of lifelong learning, academic excellence, earning outcomes and student success.
  • Welcome people of every ethnicity, national origin, religion, political belief, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
  • Encourage mutual respect and understanding for people in all their diversity.
  • Offer support and guidance to those who lack the essential skills and resources that promote learning.
  • Offer programs and services designed to overcome academic, financial, and social barriers.
  • Provide a foundation in general through a full range of industry-based certificate/diploma, as well as an array of courses for those who wish to develop or upgrade their career skills.

Bramstein School of Applied Studies is a training school dedicated to helping you acquire the right skills for various healthcare jobs. Training at Bramstein allows you to learn the most recent techniques in the industry, as well as be prepared for what you have to face in the workplace.

Our environment is a conducive place for our students to learn and be ready for their duties. We create opportunities for aspirants to obtain a certificate or a diploma from the various programs offered.